My Story & Radio Interviews

Welcome to my site.  I am a Native wind instrumentalist and have been fortunate to share my music with listeners from the East coast to the Southwest.

I was born and raised in NYC, a city as diverse as my cultural background: Yoruba (Cuba), Chachi-Cayapa (Ecuador) and Spanish. My music is heavily influenced by the melodious sounds of the South American Andes and the Native American flute song forms. It reflects my experiences growing up in the inner city, the places I have visited and my connection with other indigenous cultures. Playing music is like reciting poetry, made from my heart.

I have a master's degree in clinical nutrition from New York University but I began playing flute and a few other instruments as a child.  It was later, as an adult that I felt drawn back to the sounds of music.  I began playing privately, and started to write music early on.  While working on an outdoor production in Cherokee, NC I had the opportunity to play some of the music I had been writing before a large audience. My husband,Josh Maxey, played guitar.  Not long after, I had enough material to record my first album. 

I write the music that comes to me.  I often hear a melody and sing it to myself while I am out working as a dog walker.  The long walks serve as a meditation that often leads to hearing new melodies.  I find the flute that matches the sound I hear and begin working out the melody.  I also play guitar and percussion.  I begin to add chords on the guitar and think of the arrangements of the songs, adding percussion and other sounds to each one.  My husband, Josh, also helps with writing the songs. While I write many of the songs alone, we also write together.

The things I write about are reflected in the titles of the music. Many of the themes are about discovery, gratitude, connecting to my own heritage and future.  I value family, caring for those I love and expressing the themes of the heart honestly. 

My husband and I run a non profit dog rescue.

All My Blessings

Jessica Martinez Maxey

Born and raised in NYC, I am of Yoruba ( Afro-Cuban), Spanish and Chachi-Cayapa (Ecuador) descent. All My Blessings includes the Native American flute, the South American panflute, conga, and acoustic guitar. My music reflects my pride in both my Amerindian and Yoruba heritage, and connection with Indigenous cultures. I believe that playing music is like reciting poetry, made from my heart.
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